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Over the course of the last year – I have been diligently working alongside students from USC and UCLA to create the first ever College VS. College Green Battle titled, VS. (Versus) We’re making a lot of progress and creating some much needed noise surrounding this important initiative: the environment!

3 students in particular have really been helping me spearhead this initiative.

Julie Chen - Senior at UCLA

Ramie Milo - Senior at UCLA

Rosalie Yu and Grace Hsu (photo not available) – UCLA Students
Recently we’ve created the logo for the contest VS.
Which is brought to you by:  Unite for Green

Recently we’ve met with the Sustainability Coordinator and the Recycling Coordinator from UCLA and have earned their support! We have opened up dialogue with USC this week and are hoping to get a meeting with them soon!
We are also in the midst of confirming the way in which this program can be quantified!
More details surrounding this contest will be released in the next couple of weeks!
Currently we are recruiting more people from both schools to lead this program!
please contact uniteforgreen@gmail.com to get involved.