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FAV Flicks for this month!


@ Mr. Choc's 40th Birthday!

Me, Miguel and Legs!!! @ styles upon styles sf

Being introduced to Papalotes!

Me and one of my best friends - Legs

@Erykah Badu's Show in LA - Asya and Asad!!!!

Me and my new nephew Cassious!

Good Times …


I’ve been having so much damn fun lately!  I’ve re – connected with old friends and music scenes in Los Angeles that I’ve missed dearly.  Although I throw high end events and parties – I’m really a Venice Beach girl at heart!  If I could be near water EVERYDAY i would.  I love flip flops, chill music, good people, relaxed & chill environments and cocktails!  I sat at a park last week and read a book for hours on end – when do I ever get a chance to do that?
I attended my friends screening of  Food Network’s show titled “Private Chefs of Beverly Hills.” Love to Chef Brian and all the amazing people I met that evening.  I learned to Lindy Hop – thanks to Nick.  Met some new friends: David, Jeff and Nicole.  Good time is an understatement – truly.

I had a chance to go watch my girl Feyla rip it at World of Dance and I reunited with so many of the old hommies!  It was a reunion. Straight up.  Shouts to Richie, Myron, Tif Bong, Preal, Citrus, Eddie, Chris, Wes, Marvin and everyone else who was supporting the dance scene.  Big shouts to Bonita, Feyla, Cricket and Peppa for lightin’ up the circle!  I went from World of Dance to Verdugo – a chill lounge spot in Pasadena/Burbank area where my hommie Miguel Escobedo was reppin’ Papalotes!  The food was off the hook as usual! Again, more good people – delicious food – dope music and shouts to Rhettmatic, Sloepoke, J Rocc, Rona, Miguel and all the good people who were enjoying themselves at Verdugo.  I had a great flippin’ time!

The next day (Sunday) I strolled out to Little Temple to support Sloepoke’s night and again! … REUNION!  Dj Mr. E was on the 1’s and 2’s and I was in good company the entire evening.  Love to Kg Super Star, Danny, J Rocc, Cameron, Feyla, Alejandro, Gene and the list goes on.

Yoga – this week was absolutely what I needed – thank you god!  My brother had his first child.  BTW he’s the cutest baby ever. Aside from my nieces who are also the cutest babies ever.  Yeah – so there are 3 “cutest babies ever.” 😀

I’m in the bay with the fam and spent time with my girls last night: Tiersa, Trey and Tif.  Hilarious – is the adjective I would use to describe that conversation. Wait … 2 more words – Casadores and pineapple. Yeap – that’s pretty accurate.  My side hurt when I was leaving.  I have no idea how I woke up with no hangover – wait I know – It’s called “tolerance.” Does that mean I drink too much?  Who knows!

I’m looking forward to partying and catching up with folks while I’m out here.  My hommie Franboogie throws some dope events in SF.  Going to head to an event on Friday evening @ Mighty.  Definitely going to hit up the Parish in Oakland.  Without a doubt I will paying a visit to Papalotes!  TRUST!  Looking forward to this week. Gonna hit the ground running!   Work and play / work and play!  As it should be … until next time!




I hope that 2010 has been treating everyone well and the year begun as healthy, productive and prosperous as can be! For 2010, I’ve steadily created synergistic partnerships and programs surrounding movie releases, live music, the dance community and, of course, the Honey Collective.  I really hope to be able to see ALL of you in the coming days or weeks.  There is a lot to look forward too!
Twitter:  www.twitter.com/shelleyoto
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/shelleyoto

Dates to Remember:
February 28th 2010:  Honey Live @ Bardot in Hollywood
March 27th 2010:  Styles Upon Styles in San Francisco @ 330 Ritch

I’m working collaboratively with Crazy Legs (President of the Rock Steady Crew), Dennis Infante and Red Bull to produce a series of dance events in various cities.   The series will begin in San Francisco on March 27th at 330 Ritch, and will soon after visit cities such as: Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

In the earlier part of the evening — Red Bull will be screening their never-before-seen documentary, “Bouncing Cats,” which will be followed by a Q & A with the film’s talent.

Styles Upon Styles
is a Lifestyle event that occurs in different cities and features a night of quality music, fashion and dance performances/battles etc. The experience is interactive, entertaining and unique.  Styles Upon Styles caters to the music-loving, fashion-conscious dancer community.   It’s a credible forum where all the freshest dancers get down in the circle, as the sounds of the most skilled DJs penetrate the air.  One should expect dance battles, PUMA giveaways, fresh music, interactive experiences, performances and more.

Talent from past Onecypher.com events has included: The Jabbawockeez and DJ Kool Raul of Supreme Soul (fromMTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew), Soul Sector, Beatz N Pieces, Grammy Nominated Artist Vikter Duplaix … amongst others…
Stay Tuned and mark your calendars for March 27, 2010!

GET INVOLVED: If you’d like to support or participate/support this event, please email: shelleyoto@gmail.com

and cc: Winnie Sui:  shelleyoto_asst@yahoo.com


Dennis Infante and I recently re-launched onecypher.com – a credible platform dedicated to everything DANCE. This site will continue to be updated with interesting blogs, articles, interviews, and plenty of media that will aim to showcase the true essence of each dance style.  Only the most credible dance class information will be listed and will be primarily geared towards offering dancers the resources to learn the background of other dance styles as well.

We focus our business towards the dance community, ranging from event planning, talent booking, club parties, dance contests/battles and showcases, as well as business consulting.

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/onecypher
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/onecypher

We’ve steadily prepared to launch a series of new and exciting programs for you to enjoy.  From live music shows to roller skating, from private “members only” events to seasonal and movie release events … let’s just say … we have a lot lined up!  If you loved our two-year anniversary titled “The Show,” then you will love our upcoming concert series LAUNCHING MARCH 2010. More information to be released on that event at a later date… Hold onto your hats and enjoy the ride – 2010 is going to be a lot of fun with the HONEY COLLECTIVE.

This past Saturday evening … the Honey Collective supported the Langston Bar Association and celebrating Lawrence Hinkle as he was being installed as the 
2010 President of the John M. Langston Bar Association.   We partied on the rooftop and Honey’s very own DJ Eque kept everyone dancing – suit, tuxedos, gowns and all!  It was a beautiful night for a beautiful cause at a BEAUTIFUL venue!  We’ll be back!

is a live music series. As you know, The HONEY COLLECTIVE supports the Arts and will be introducing new and upcoming artists between the hours of 10:00 pm – 11:30 pm at Bardot inside the Avalon. You never know who’ll be in the house. ; ). DJ Eque and DJ Rashida, alongside special guest DJs will be on the 1…’s and 2’s. Bardot is a beautiful venue with an amazing sound system! Please join us on our Sunday night Musical Adventure at Bardot in Hollywood!

Mark Your Calendars:  February 28, 2010 @ Bardot (Inside the Avalon)

If you’d like to submit your group/band to perform at HONEY LIVE – please send all submissions to honeylivetalentsubmissions@yahoo.com

To attend this event RSVP:  honeycollective@yahoo.com

This month the HONEY COLLECTIVE 
is launching HONEY LUXE … a series of private, invite only affairs offered to our VIPs 
in beautiful, intimate, upscale, undisclosed locations…
It’s a private HONEY affair with after hours included …
How do you get on the guestlist? 
ssshhhhh…Stay tuned!
If you’re not there – you’ll definitely hear about it.

As I mentioned before … The Honey Collective is excited about 2010. Everything is in the works. If your company is interested in working with us, please email: shelleyoto@gmail.com.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Follow Us on Twitter:  www.twitter.com/honeycollective
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That’s the skinny.  I really hope EVERYONE is having a wonderful start to this year and I get to see your face soon!  LIVE YOUR LIFE IN THE SUNSHINE. MUCH LOVE!



What a crazy two weeks I’ve had. Actually, instead I should state … “What A Journey I’ve Experienced.”  One of the bumpiest areas in my life I NOW CLOSE.  There comes a point when “enough is enough” and you have to keep moving through it.  Again … “not everyone is like you.”  People have different hearts, motivation, intention and respect.  This last week I felt like “moving to the beach” and just staying there away from everything.  It’s rare that people disappoint me, but when it happens I really feel it.  I doubt that I will ever forget what’s happened but I hope that I will forgive with time.  I hate the way this situation has made me feel inside.  I realize that change is necessary and that sometimes things don’t always make sense … but you have to accept change and stop resisting the urge to try to control what you just can’t.  Just do the best you can and have Faith in GOD that he will help figure the rest of LIFE out with you … but you HAVE TO SHOW UP for him and yourself!

Life keeps moving regardless of what’s going on.  So I had to tell myself to “RISE TO THE OCCASION.”  3 of my new programs are launching in February and March 2010.  In the next 3 weeks I have 3 events scheduled for the Honey Collective + we are launching two new event series.  A music series and a private event series –Both I’m very really excited about.  Styles Upon Styles is launching in March 2010 and we are moving stead fast through the pre-production for that event.  I have just brought on another assistant to help facilitate the daily “action items” of this crazy operation.  Red Bull just signed on to support a minimum of two events for Styles Upon Styles!  San Francisco/ Los Angeles.  Soon to be in Chicago and New York as well.  So yes … the phone calls went well!

New Dates to  Lock In:

February 24th:  Honey Luxe in Los Angeles
February 28th:  Honey Live in Los Angeles
March 25th:  Launch of onecypher.com &  Styles Upon Styles in San Francisco

I look forward to what’s to come.  More good news is on it’s way!  Whenever there’s a storm there’s ALWAYS a rainbow to follow 🙂

FEATURED FLICK … Legs, Franboogie, Mona + Friends


Legs, Mona, Fran Boogie + Friends

This is one of my favorite photos with some majorly dope peoples!  Franboogie, Ms. Mona and Legs + some of their cool ass friends!  This was at Yes We Can Can 2010 San Francisco.  This is how I began my year!  111 Minna it was going down!   Cocktails were flowin’, people were dancing and let’s just say  we had wayyyy to much fun.  I had my signature puckered lip peace sign pose LOL and peoples were just relaxin’, posing, dancing, laughing … livin’ life in the sunshine!

Goals: STYLES UPON STYLES-the venue is booked!


I have an online magazine titled http://www.onecypher.com.  Onecypher.com features underground street dance culture, the major players, the history, classes, workshops & relevant information that effects this demographic.  It’s an online resource that I can proudly say that I am apart of.  I believe one way to empower oneself is to strive towards achieving one’s personal/business goals.  In the past, some of the goals that I’ve had–have been put to the waistside in the past. This year I’m dedicated to following through with my creations, my passions and the promises I make to myself.  One of my goals for the past year or so has been to re-create an event that my business partner and myself created called “Kill the Radio.”  The event has now been re-structured and reformatted and it’s ready to relaunch in February 2010.  The event is now called “Styles Upon Styles.”  Dennis and I  went to the 330 Ritch (http://www.330ritch.com) to confirm the first date which is February 27th, 2010.  We met with venue owners, conducted the walk through and got all the questions we had out of the way. We are currently confirming some other logistics such as: Promotional partners, media partners, clothing and hotel partners etc. We still have alot of work to do but we are excited. One of my dear friends, Crazy Legs has signed on to be a partner for this event and I’m appreciative for his support in this project.  This project is set to launch in San Franciscio but soon after travel to cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and New York.  I’ll keep everyone posted. 🙂

Every creation has to begin somewhere and I’ve begun this process! Fullfilling one’s own destiny is so important.  With each accomplishment and lesson it empowers me inside and out.  I read somewhere that the definition of integrity is: knowing what you know.  Basically acting in alignment with what “you” know to be true.   “I know” what the potential of this event is and if I fail to give my 100% towards achieving its greatest potential, then I don’t believe I’m creating with “integrity.”  I look forward to seeing where this event goes!   Stay Tuned….