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Remember It! It's coming to Los Angeles 2010!

So we’re really trying to seal the deal on the venue. The obstacle is that college campus’ only allow student groups to use their facilities. Luckily, we wanted to team up with a very special student organization and it looks at though they’d like to work with us as well. So it’s looking good so far! My amazing assistant Winnie worked long and hard to create the one sheet for the event and sent out her one sheet to the organizations we wanted to support this event.  The organization that we wanted the most happened to be the organization that got back to us.  We are currently waiting to hear back from the president of the organization regarding attending a walk through. I personally saw the space last week and it’s perfect!  I want to take Harry (LXD) and Faye (Super Cr3w) on a walk through this week as well.  We are eagerly awaiting some updates.  Which campus you ask?  Wouldn’t you like to know! We hope to announce very soon!