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Wow, what a difference one month makes.  I have a good reason for not writing for the past 30 days.  Things have been crazy and wonderful all at the same time.  In the last 30 days, Styles Upon Styles came to life and it was an incredible event!

First things first – Styles Upon Styles San Francisco went above and beyond my expectations.    The event was truly spectacular – We reached capacity, the music was ridiculous, the performances were amazing beyond words and the dance community TRULY came out to support Crazy Legs and One Cypher and it’s relaunch.
Much love to some new friends I’ve met along this special journey Dj Mr. E, Sean G & Ezra and Miles of 330 Ritch – it was truly a PERFECT storm.
Styles upon Styles was blessed by the works of Jonas Lynch who did a live performance painting of Crazy Legs.  Philtered Soul did the damn thing alongside all female dance crew the Syrenz!  The screening of Red Bull “Bouncing Cats” was unforgettable and not to be missed when Styles Upon Styles comes to Los Angeles on May 20, 2010!
Special Shout out to PAPALOTES in FRISCO!  Thank you Miguel for all the hospitality!  EVERYONE that really knows me – knows I LOVE TO EAT!   This place is the business!

Thank you to all our promotional partners and sponsors:  Ciroc,  ANKH Marketing, All the Way Live, World Of Dance, CrazyLegsWorkshop.com, Cypher Stylez, BackSpin Productions, Rock Steady Crew, Sisterz of the Underground, City Dance Studios, Joysco,  Fusicology, Mindbodyflo.com, Hip-Hop.com, Soulciety.org,  FunkanometrySF, CypherStyles.com, Adapt, Rock The School Bells, Jonas Lynch, LovejunkeeDjs.com, Know Your Rank, JordanLouie, peejayee.com, crazylegsworkshop.com, soulo1200s.com, 330 Ritch

Crowd Shot at Styles Upon Styles SF

Me and Dj Mr E!

The Cypher

Live Painting by Jonas Lynch of Crazy Legs

Me and Legs

Me, Legs and Philtered Soul

The Ladies of Syrenz!

Bouncing Cats Screening at Styles Upon Styles SF

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Remember It! It's coming to Los Angeles 2010!

So we’re really trying to seal the deal on the venue. The obstacle is that college campus’ only allow student groups to use their facilities. Luckily, we wanted to team up with a very special student organization and it looks at though they’d like to work with us as well. So it’s looking good so far! My amazing assistant Winnie worked long and hard to create the one sheet for the event and sent out her one sheet to the organizations we wanted to support this event.  The organization that we wanted the most happened to be the organization that got back to us.  We are currently waiting to hear back from the president of the organization regarding attending a walk through. I personally saw the space last week and it’s perfect!  I want to take Harry (LXD) and Faye (Super Cr3w) on a walk through this week as well.  We are eagerly awaiting some updates.  Which campus you ask?  Wouldn’t you like to know! We hope to announce very soon!

Goals: STYLES UPON STYLES-the venue is booked!


I have an online magazine titled http://www.onecypher.com.  Onecypher.com features underground street dance culture, the major players, the history, classes, workshops & relevant information that effects this demographic.  It’s an online resource that I can proudly say that I am apart of.  I believe one way to empower oneself is to strive towards achieving one’s personal/business goals.  In the past, some of the goals that I’ve had–have been put to the waistside in the past. This year I’m dedicated to following through with my creations, my passions and the promises I make to myself.  One of my goals for the past year or so has been to re-create an event that my business partner and myself created called “Kill the Radio.”  The event has now been re-structured and reformatted and it’s ready to relaunch in February 2010.  The event is now called “Styles Upon Styles.”  Dennis and I  went to the 330 Ritch (http://www.330ritch.com) to confirm the first date which is February 27th, 2010.  We met with venue owners, conducted the walk through and got all the questions we had out of the way. We are currently confirming some other logistics such as: Promotional partners, media partners, clothing and hotel partners etc. We still have alot of work to do but we are excited. One of my dear friends, Crazy Legs has signed on to be a partner for this event and I’m appreciative for his support in this project.  This project is set to launch in San Franciscio but soon after travel to cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and New York.  I’ll keep everyone posted. 🙂

Every creation has to begin somewhere and I’ve begun this process! Fullfilling one’s own destiny is so important.  With each accomplishment and lesson it empowers me inside and out.  I read somewhere that the definition of integrity is: knowing what you know.  Basically acting in alignment with what “you” know to be true.   “I know” what the potential of this event is and if I fail to give my 100% towards achieving its greatest potential, then I don’t believe I’m creating with “integrity.”  I look forward to seeing where this event goes!   Stay Tuned….