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Good Times …


I’ve been having so much damn fun lately!  I’ve re – connected with old friends and music scenes in Los Angeles that I’ve missed dearly.  Although I throw high end events and parties – I’m really a Venice Beach girl at heart!  If I could be near water EVERYDAY i would.  I love flip flops, chill music, good people, relaxed & chill environments and cocktails!  I sat at a park last week and read a book for hours on end – when do I ever get a chance to do that?
I attended my friends screening of  Food Network’s show titled “Private Chefs of Beverly Hills.” Love to Chef Brian and all the amazing people I met that evening.  I learned to Lindy Hop – thanks to Nick.  Met some new friends: David, Jeff and Nicole.  Good time is an understatement – truly.

I had a chance to go watch my girl Feyla rip it at World of Dance and I reunited with so many of the old hommies!  It was a reunion. Straight up.  Shouts to Richie, Myron, Tif Bong, Preal, Citrus, Eddie, Chris, Wes, Marvin and everyone else who was supporting the dance scene.  Big shouts to Bonita, Feyla, Cricket and Peppa for lightin’ up the circle!  I went from World of Dance to Verdugo – a chill lounge spot in Pasadena/Burbank area where my hommie Miguel Escobedo was reppin’ Papalotes!  The food was off the hook as usual! Again, more good people – delicious food – dope music and shouts to Rhettmatic, Sloepoke, J Rocc, Rona, Miguel and all the good people who were enjoying themselves at Verdugo.  I had a great flippin’ time!

The next day (Sunday) I strolled out to Little Temple to support Sloepoke’s night and again! … REUNION!  Dj Mr. E was on the 1’s and 2’s and I was in good company the entire evening.  Love to Kg Super Star, Danny, J Rocc, Cameron, Feyla, Alejandro, Gene and the list goes on.

Yoga – this week was absolutely what I needed – thank you god!  My brother had his first child.  BTW he’s the cutest baby ever. Aside from my nieces who are also the cutest babies ever.  Yeah – so there are 3 “cutest babies ever.” 😀

I’m in the bay with the fam and spent time with my girls last night: Tiersa, Trey and Tif.  Hilarious – is the adjective I would use to describe that conversation. Wait … 2 more words – Casadores and pineapple. Yeap – that’s pretty accurate.  My side hurt when I was leaving.  I have no idea how I woke up with no hangover – wait I know – It’s called “tolerance.” Does that mean I drink too much?  Who knows!

I’m looking forward to partying and catching up with folks while I’m out here.  My hommie Franboogie throws some dope events in SF.  Going to head to an event on Friday evening @ Mighty.  Definitely going to hit up the Parish in Oakland.  Without a doubt I will paying a visit to Papalotes!  TRUST!  Looking forward to this week. Gonna hit the ground running!   Work and play / work and play!  As it should be … until next time!

FEATURED FLICK … Legs, Franboogie, Mona + Friends


Legs, Mona, Fran Boogie + Friends

This is one of my favorite photos with some majorly dope peoples!  Franboogie, Ms. Mona and Legs + some of their cool ass friends!  This was at Yes We Can Can 2010 San Francisco.  This is how I began my year!  111 Minna it was going down!   Cocktails were flowin’, people were dancing and let’s just say  we had wayyyy to much fun.  I had my signature puckered lip peace sign pose LOL and peoples were just relaxin’, posing, dancing, laughing … livin’ life in the sunshine!



Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew throws an annual Canned Food Drive called Yes We Can Can-calling out the hip hop community to come out and enjoy some good music, drinks & get your dance on! … but don’t forget to bring your canned foods!  The event took place at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco and I had way too much fun.  It was much needed.

Legs and the Rock Steady Crew raised tons of canned for the San Francisco Food Bank and a hundreds of people rolled out to party with a purpose. It was a good look and refreshing to see my community of folks.  At exactly this same time last year I rolled to this event I was in such a different space personally. The timing of coming to this event was interesting and coincidence … I think not.  The circumstance last year at this exact time was so different.  Whoooosh. It’s a new year with new circumstances.  Just breathe…through it right?

Back to what I was sharing.  I had a great time. Lots of good people, with beautiful energy, fashion and flava + I met some really awesome new people.  The cocktails were flowing, people were rockin’ circles in one room and gettin’ their freak on in another.  Interesting dynamic.  I disappeared around 1:30 to escape to my car before everyone made a b-line for their vehicles!  What a night.

Franboogie and I! Shot #? Aww Damn! lol

This is good peoples right here!.... Legs!


Miguel!...the King of Catching those SUPER candid moments! lol

Soooo Yeah...this is how the night began!