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Internal growth has come with sacrifices for me.  Internal growth has come only by having  acceptance that my life may feel extremely uncomfortable at times.  A couple of nights ago, I was having a hard time sleeping because my heart felt heavy.  Yesterday I was feeling anxiety because I have two important meetings today – that I’ve anticipated for over 2 months.  I’ve prepared, I’ve researched … I’ve definitely done my due diligence.  I felt shaky the entire day and then I was reminded … “let go and have faith.”

“Having faith” to me doesn’t mean – that if you have faith – things will go exactly the way you’d like it.  We forget that we are not always in control.  Whatever higher power one believes in – really is in control.  Once you “show up” for yourself – a person has to allow the universe/god/buddha etc. to do for them what’s in store for them.  Some things are outright “blessings,” while others are “blessings in disguise.”

I did everything I could do to make today’s meeting at 10 am go in my favor.  I can only hope for what I’d like to see happen. I have to let go of force, let go of control – and “have faith,” that whatever happens is supposed too. “Let go!”  God works in mysterious ways.  We have to ask ourselves “Why?”  when we put our hearts into something.  A friend shared that when you truly understand “why” you are doing something – that’s where your passion lies for whatever you choose to do in life.

“I believe that anyone can make anything a reality if you really believe in it.”

My meeting begins in 20 minutes. I’m going to take this time to look over my notes and return to this blog with some results.  Whatever the result, the train does not stop here!