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As I make the big leap into my thirties — I’m reflecting on all that I learned and experienced in my unforgettable twenties.  There are some things I will NEVER do again and there are a lot of things I can’t wait to saddle up for Round 2. My journey has been absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  I’m realizing that everything I thought I needed in order to be happy – I don’t.  I’m seeing and feeling EVERYTHING I need to be happy and fulfilled — I already have.  When I think of the memories I share with different people in my life – it fills me with so much gratitude that I have so many amazing friends in my life.  When I think of the memories I share with my family – it makes me wonder How I Got To Be So Damn Lucky! Below are my top 30 memories from my twenties and the top 30 lessons of my twenties!  Here We Go!

Top 30 Lessons!
30:  Don’t take side when friends bicker – it’s better to stay out of it and hear both sides of the story. In the end — after hearing both sides — STILL DO NOT TAKE SIDES!
29:  Give people space when they need it!
28:  Be a friend to your boyfriend.
27:  Be a friend to yourself first.
26:  2 wrongs don’t make a right.
25:  I learned my character and I’m proud of it!
24:  Dream super big.
23:  Do not let other’s people ish get in the way of your life! – Live your life!
22:  I learned to feel limitless and fearless in my endeavors.
21:  Don’t be the victim.

20:  Nobody’s perfect.
19:  Who cares what a situation looks like to the outside – be honest and truthful with yourself as to what’s going on inside.
18:  Watch what people choose to do in challenging / desperate times — it’s often an indicator of character.  Heed the warnings.
17:  It’s okay to be angry or hurt but it’s how we deal with those painful emotions is what’s important.
16:  I need / love mediation in my life!
15:  The statement “I’m a grown ass woman” annoys the shit out of me.  Being grown doesn’t usually entail having to tell another person.
14:  The truth will always be revealed! As a good friend once tweeted – ” you don’t have to remember anything — when you’re telling the truth!”

If we were to truly take the time to stop “asking” for more — * Truly realizing that we really do have everything we need to be happy right now!

13:  Don’t take twitter and Facebook too seriously!
12:  People can preach the gospel as much as they want — but that doesn’t mean they live the gospel.
11:  Don’t do to onto others as you wouldn’t want to be done to you.
10:  Don’t make your goals about money — focus on your passion.
9: Never stop doing what you love / or change your life for a man.
8:  Do not reward bad behavior under any circumstances! – Set boundaries in ALL relationships!
7:  “I’m sorry and I’m trying”  — only goes so far. Actions speak louder than words.  Observe!
6:  Money you loan friends / boyfriends — you may never see again.
5:  Loving yourself means taking care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.
4:  I have the best friends and family a person can ask for.
3:  Be Present.
2:  Life is hard – but gods made me strong enough to withstand anything life brings me.
1:  What’s more important than the prize or reward at the end of the tunnel — are the lessons learned in the  journey.
0:  Having balance in life is the bomb-diggity!
Bonus Lesson 1:  You cannot control everything – and you absolutely cannot control another person’s actions.
Bonus Lesson 2:  There is no such thing as a short story when it comes to me! LOL
Bonus Lesson 3:  Worrying is just a waste a time.
Bonus Lesson 4:  YOGA saved my life!
Bonus Lesson 5:  NEVER let anyone / anything interfere negatively with your life. BE okay walking away from ANYTHING.
Bonus Lesson 6:  Do not mix dark and light liquors!
Bonus Lesson 7:  I cannot sing — not even a little bit. In fact — I’ve lost my right to even sing Happy Birthday to a person.  Lip syncing only!
Bonus Lesson 8:  Stop being an Enabler!  Enabling is not the business!
Bonus Lesson 9:  I’m learning to Laugh at the things that I typically take very seriously — LEARNING … I said 😀
Bonus Lesson 10:  You don’t have to FORGIVE & FORGET — but at least … Forgive — at some point!
Bonus Lesson 11: Friends don’t let friends tweet depressed!

Top 30 Memories:
30:  Creating One Cypher – and producing Styles Upon Styles with Crazy Legs, my partner Dennis in SF and LA.
29:  Going to Las Vegas with Moni, George Clinton and the parliament during the pimps and hoes convention! I had the TIME OF MY LIFE!  Talk about personalities!!!  I was laughing the entire trip!
28:  Driving to the Beverly Hills Hotel with Rashida, Angela and Moni to meet PRINCE for the very first time. WOW to much fun!  D
27:  The Honey Collective 2 Year Anniversary.
26:  Graduating from UCLA
27:  Dancing at the Billboard Music Awards / AMA’s for Gwen Stefani
26:  Just DANCING! .. and dancing … and dancing!  My first time auditioning for an agency and made it! I was fearless!
25:  Having my FIRST cocktail – Thanks Gretchen!
24:  Going to Japan and taking dance classes out there!
23:  Meeting my friends from Diego and those memories were / are endless! I miss that house! All the parties, all the dancing, all the crazy personalities, all the great chicken!  LOL
22:  Working for Disney!  The fun I had there was tooo much!
21:  Going to Prince’s house for his mid-night Jam Sessions until 7am!  WOW! Never forget those times. Dave Chapelle, Maxwell, Fatima, Kweli, Anthony Hamilton, Shelby J  and more talents blessin’ that mic!  Bottomless cocktails … the foodddddd and those pancakes!
20:  Working with the kids at UCLA – for Unite for Green! I love creating with young minds!
19:  My round table discussion at FRIDAYS every time I come to the bay with my best girlfriends: Tif and Tiers!
18:  Laughing on the phone with Jewels – talking in code about absolutely nothing!
17:  Temple bar Memories! – the food, the friends. the music — everything.
16:  Producing my first, second and third event.
15:  Purchasing my first pair of heals with Moni — I remember thinking my legs looked 10 times better in these miracle shoes!
14:  Booking my first print ad/commercial with KSwiss.
13:  Discovering downtown LA Fashion District! Uhmmm hello! A women’s haven.
12:  Playing kickball with my peoples from Disney!  We sucked but it was so much damn fun!
11:  Getting my convertible!
10:  Every Christmas / Thanksgiving with my family!
9:  My parents 40th wedding anniversary and my drunk speech:D
8:  Making out on Too Short’s couch — LOL.  (not with Too Short) but nontheless on Too Short’s couch. *none of your business who it was with!
7:  Going to the Abbey with Gretchen and Mia! (Oh GEEZ) the memories! – Stay away from their margaritas!
6:  Going to P’s on my birthday 2 years ago and he sang “purple rain” and I convinced myself he was singing that for me!
5:  My nieces and nephew were born!
4: My brother’s wedding and the reception was off the hook!
3: Moving into my own place!  What a blessing!
2:  Learning to let go of my attachments.
1:  The day I decided it was time to make “grown up” decisions!  Whooo— hooo!
0: ALLLL the Honey Events!