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Over the course of the last year – I have been diligently working alongside students from USC and UCLA to create the first ever College VS. College Green Battle titled, VS. (Versus) We’re making a lot of progress and creating some much needed noise surrounding this important initiative: the environment!

3 students in particular have really been helping me spearhead this initiative.

Julie Chen - Senior at UCLA

Ramie Milo - Senior at UCLA

Rosalie Yu and Grace Hsu (photo not available) – UCLA Students
Recently we’ve created the logo for the contest VS.
Which is brought to you by:  Unite for Green

Recently we’ve met with the Sustainability Coordinator and the Recycling Coordinator from UCLA and have earned their support! We have opened up dialogue with USC this week and are hoping to get a meeting with them soon!
We are also in the midst of confirming the way in which this program can be quantified!
More details surrounding this contest will be released in the next couple of weeks!
Currently we are recruiting more people from both schools to lead this program!
please contact to get involved.



As I make the big leap into my thirties — I’m reflecting on all that I learned and experienced in my unforgettable twenties.  There are some things I will NEVER do again and there are a lot of things I can’t wait to saddle up for Round 2. My journey has been absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  I’m realizing that everything I thought I needed in order to be happy – I don’t.  I’m seeing and feeling EVERYTHING I need to be happy and fulfilled — I already have.  When I think of the memories I share with different people in my life – it fills me with so much gratitude that I have so many amazing friends in my life.  When I think of the memories I share with my family – it makes me wonder How I Got To Be So Damn Lucky! Below are my top 30 memories from my twenties and the top 30 lessons of my twenties!  Here We Go!

Top 30 Lessons!
30:  Don’t take side when friends bicker – it’s better to stay out of it and hear both sides of the story. In the end — after hearing both sides — STILL DO NOT TAKE SIDES!
29:  Give people space when they need it!
28:  Be a friend to your boyfriend.
27:  Be a friend to yourself first.
26:  2 wrongs don’t make a right.
25:  I learned my character and I’m proud of it!
24:  Dream super big.
23:  Do not let other’s people ish get in the way of your life! – Live your life!
22:  I learned to feel limitless and fearless in my endeavors.
21:  Don’t be the victim.

20:  Nobody’s perfect.
19:  Who cares what a situation looks like to the outside – be honest and truthful with yourself as to what’s going on inside.
18:  Watch what people choose to do in challenging / desperate times — it’s often an indicator of character.  Heed the warnings.
17:  It’s okay to be angry or hurt but it’s how we deal with those painful emotions is what’s important.
16:  I need / love mediation in my life!
15:  The statement “I’m a grown ass woman” annoys the shit out of me.  Being grown doesn’t usually entail having to tell another person.
14:  The truth will always be revealed! As a good friend once tweeted – ” you don’t have to remember anything — when you’re telling the truth!”

If we were to truly take the time to stop “asking” for more — * Truly realizing that we really do have everything we need to be happy right now!

13:  Don’t take twitter and Facebook too seriously!
12:  People can preach the gospel as much as they want — but that doesn’t mean they live the gospel.
11:  Don’t do to onto others as you wouldn’t want to be done to you.
10:  Don’t make your goals about money — focus on your passion.
9: Never stop doing what you love / or change your life for a man.
8:  Do not reward bad behavior under any circumstances! – Set boundaries in ALL relationships!
7:  “I’m sorry and I’m trying”  — only goes so far. Actions speak louder than words.  Observe!
6:  Money you loan friends / boyfriends — you may never see again.
5:  Loving yourself means taking care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.
4:  I have the best friends and family a person can ask for.
3:  Be Present.
2:  Life is hard – but gods made me strong enough to withstand anything life brings me.
1:  What’s more important than the prize or reward at the end of the tunnel — are the lessons learned in the  journey.
0:  Having balance in life is the bomb-diggity!
Bonus Lesson 1:  You cannot control everything – and you absolutely cannot control another person’s actions.
Bonus Lesson 2:  There is no such thing as a short story when it comes to me! LOL
Bonus Lesson 3:  Worrying is just a waste a time.
Bonus Lesson 4:  YOGA saved my life!
Bonus Lesson 5:  NEVER let anyone / anything interfere negatively with your life. BE okay walking away from ANYTHING.
Bonus Lesson 6:  Do not mix dark and light liquors!
Bonus Lesson 7:  I cannot sing — not even a little bit. In fact — I’ve lost my right to even sing Happy Birthday to a person.  Lip syncing only!
Bonus Lesson 8:  Stop being an Enabler!  Enabling is not the business!
Bonus Lesson 9:  I’m learning to Laugh at the things that I typically take very seriously — LEARNING … I said 😀
Bonus Lesson 10:  You don’t have to FORGIVE & FORGET — but at least … Forgive — at some point!
Bonus Lesson 11: Friends don’t let friends tweet depressed!

Top 30 Memories:
30:  Creating One Cypher – and producing Styles Upon Styles with Crazy Legs, my partner Dennis in SF and LA.
29:  Going to Las Vegas with Moni, George Clinton and the parliament during the pimps and hoes convention! I had the TIME OF MY LIFE!  Talk about personalities!!!  I was laughing the entire trip!
28:  Driving to the Beverly Hills Hotel with Rashida, Angela and Moni to meet PRINCE for the very first time. WOW to much fun!  D
27:  The Honey Collective 2 Year Anniversary.
26:  Graduating from UCLA
27:  Dancing at the Billboard Music Awards / AMA’s for Gwen Stefani
26:  Just DANCING! .. and dancing … and dancing!  My first time auditioning for an agency and made it! I was fearless!
25:  Having my FIRST cocktail – Thanks Gretchen!
24:  Going to Japan and taking dance classes out there!
23:  Meeting my friends from Diego and those memories were / are endless! I miss that house! All the parties, all the dancing, all the crazy personalities, all the great chicken!  LOL
22:  Working for Disney!  The fun I had there was tooo much!
21:  Going to Prince’s house for his mid-night Jam Sessions until 7am!  WOW! Never forget those times. Dave Chapelle, Maxwell, Fatima, Kweli, Anthony Hamilton, Shelby J  and more talents blessin’ that mic!  Bottomless cocktails … the foodddddd and those pancakes!
20:  Working with the kids at UCLA – for Unite for Green! I love creating with young minds!
19:  My round table discussion at FRIDAYS every time I come to the bay with my best girlfriends: Tif and Tiers!
18:  Laughing on the phone with Jewels – talking in code about absolutely nothing!
17:  Temple bar Memories! – the food, the friends. the music — everything.
16:  Producing my first, second and third event.
15:  Purchasing my first pair of heals with Moni — I remember thinking my legs looked 10 times better in these miracle shoes!
14:  Booking my first print ad/commercial with KSwiss.
13:  Discovering downtown LA Fashion District! Uhmmm hello! A women’s haven.
12:  Playing kickball with my peoples from Disney!  We sucked but it was so much damn fun!
11:  Getting my convertible!
10:  Every Christmas / Thanksgiving with my family!
9:  My parents 40th wedding anniversary and my drunk speech:D
8:  Making out on Too Short’s couch — LOL.  (not with Too Short) but nontheless on Too Short’s couch. *none of your business who it was with!
7:  Going to the Abbey with Gretchen and Mia! (Oh GEEZ) the memories! – Stay away from their margaritas!
6:  Going to P’s on my birthday 2 years ago and he sang “purple rain” and I convinced myself he was singing that for me!
5:  My nieces and nephew were born!
4: My brother’s wedding and the reception was off the hook!
3: Moving into my own place!  What a blessing!
2:  Learning to let go of my attachments.
1:  The day I decided it was time to make “grown up” decisions!  Whooo— hooo!
0: ALLLL the Honey Events!