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It’s About Time! – Wii Nintendo National Competition


I came across this article on   It’s about time Nintendo did a Wii gaming Competition!  I love it!  — Check it out – it’s this weekend in Redondo Beach.  See below.

By Kristin S. Agostoni Staff Writer
They’ve spent the summer bowling, racing and shooting hoops on television screens across the country, and next week the best of them are headed to Redondo Beach.

The Wii Games: Summer 2010 national competition that began in mid-July will culminate Sept. 3 at Redondo Beach Marina, which is preparing to host 90 teams and spectators during a three-day event that’s open to the public.

Wii is Nintendo’s popular home video game console that features a wireless controller for use with a variety of motion-control games.

“This is a big deal,” said Redondo Beach Marina property manager Leslie Page, who has helped plan for the Wii championships in the marina’s north parking lot near Seaside Lagoon.

Organizers have arranged for former Olympian and “Dancing with the Stars” winner Shawn Johnson to appear at the Friday opening, when she’ll lead contenders through warm-up exercises. Johnson is expected to meet with fans for about an hour after the 11 a.m. start time.

Participants will compete for prizes in five Wii challenges: basketball, bowling, kart racing, Hula Hooping and clearing a level in New Super Mario Bros.

Attendees, meanwhile, can either sit back and watch or try out yet-to-be released video games.

Since organizers decided on Redondo Beach for the Wii finals, Page said planning efforts have focused on public safety, crowd control and parking availability.

She said city crews will have to inspect a two-story, 264-by-420-foot tent that will be erected in the marina parking area managed by Decron Properties.

To cut back on traffic congestion, people are encouraged to walk, take shuttles or cycle to the marina, where an extra 300 bike racks will be available, she said.

Local businesses seem to be taking note of the rush of visitors who soon will reach the South Bay.

“All the restaurants are going to have Wii martinis, Wii this and Wii that,” Page said. “They’re flying in about 260 contestants from around the United States.”

Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Marna Smeltzer said she expects the finalists, their families and others to stay in King Harbor hotels.

And because of the Labor Day weekend scheduling, she added, they’ll have their pick of nearby activities, including live music on the Redondo Beach pier and nearby Fiesta Hermosa in Hermosa Beach.

“I think it’s really good for the whole area because this will bring people down to the beach,” Smeltzer said.

But winning contestants will walk away with more than a free trip to the shore. (According to the Wii Games website, finalists receive paid flights, hotel stays, meals and entertainment.)

First-place prizes include a Royal Caribbean cruise for the team, a flat screen TV and surround system, a one-year Netflix Membership and more.

Want to go?

What: Nintendo Wii championships

Where: Redondo Beach Marina, 181 N. Harbor Drive

When: The event is open to the public next weekend, Sept. 3-5. The hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.

Information: Spectators are encouraged to take shuttles from Redondo Union High School at Pacific Coast Highway and Diamond Street, or from the Knob Hill Community Center, 320 Knob Hill Ave. Parking will be available at both sites, and shuttles will run every 25 minutes. Walking or biking also is encouraged. For more, link to or





Come Celebrate Labor Day with US!



We bring you only the best in Los Angeles


Rooftop Pool Bar

900 West Olympic Boulevard

Los Angeles, California 90015 USA

Sunday, September 5, 2010




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Things to Look Forward too!


Not knowing exactly how something is going to work out is scary, liberating, exciting and truly tests the importance of trust.  “Trusting” that everything WILL work out. This Unite for Green project is truly testing my faith.  I don’t have all or any of the answers. However, I do know what can be accomplished if people truly believe in something and put their heads together.  There’s no time better than the present to encourage people to do something great for the earth.  I’m certainly not an environmental guru by any means – but I’m taking the time to learn.

I’m working with a great group of kids at UCLA.  This last week, we met with the sustainability coordinator of UCLA; as well as an amazing company titled Harmony Sounds.  Harmony Sounds may become involved with initiative in terms of providing the technical support for this (possibly) massive initiative.  We are making lots of traction and more importantly, creating something special out of absolutely NOTHING.  Stay Tuned.

The students are officially launching a UNITE FOR GREEN student organization at UCLA that will be spearheading this first initiative.   Pretty exciting!

The Honey Collective is producing a series of experiences for our Los Angeles following.  Recently, HC launched Honey Live at Angels in Santa Monica.  Honey Live featured the talents of Chico and Kristinia DeBarge, Teddy Riley and Guy.  It was absolutely amazing. Honey Live was sponsored by Hennessy & Vibe Magazine – it was incredible.  Honey Live is currently being scheduled for next month and it’s going to be a treat for everyone!

Kristinia DeBarge Performing at Honey LIve

Chico DeBarge Performing at Honey LIve

Too Short at Honey LIve

Teddy Riley and Guy at Honey Live!

We are currently in the final wave of our Summer time Rooftop parties at the JW.  We’ve had a great run at the JW.  It’s been wonderful to have been able to provide this experience for our Honey patrons.  The talents of Dj Eque, Dj D Nice and Anthony Valadez have blessed the turntables.  Spinderella, Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek Dj Scratch and Mtv’s Butta have also made appearances at Honey this Summer.  It’s been a good time had by all.

Dj D-Nice at Honey on the Rooftop

D Nice on the 1's and 2's at Honey on the Rooftop

We are currently preparing for New Years 2010.  It’s going to be a hit so save the date and your funds so you can join in the festivities we are preparing as we bring in the New Year!

The Honey Collective website is done!  Finished!  … and SCENE.  I cannot wait to launch!  We should be launching this bad boy shortly!   Until next update!

I had way too much fun this weekend. Much props to Vikter Duplaix for hosting Kiss N’ Grind featuring the amazing talents of Dj Questlove and Peanut Butter Wolf.  I haven’t had that much fun in ages!  I had the chance to see so many people from so many different industries under one roof sweatin’ and dancing!  Good times were had by all this weekend. I think I’m getting old!  I’m still recovering from Friday night!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!  Happy Monday lovelies!!!



Honey was off the hook yet again!  It was a beautiful day at the ION lounge at the JW in downtown Los Angeles!  This event is such a good time — PEOPLE ACTUALLY DANCE!  Yeah I said it!  In LOS ANGELES — people actually dance!  😀   Eque was killin’ it on the turntables as only SHE CAN DO!  Monica and I were meeting – greetin’ and being the hostesses’ with the mostessess’ (is that really a phrase?)  LOL.  If you missed out this last weekend — we’ll be back next Sunday! Join us. Check out the fun we had!

Ms. Spinderella herself celebrating her birthday at HONEY!

Awwwww the hommies! The lovely Devi Dev and Jason!









WHIRLWIND!  I sit here on a Thursday afternoon drinking a glass of white at 1:29pm. Don’t judge me!  It’s much needed and well deserved. I’m currently in the last chapter of moving — thank you Jesus!  A person might as well not plan ANYTHING when they move.  It completely took over my life!  I’ve recently returned from the bay area. I hadn’t seen my nephew and nieces for 3 months — way too long in my book.  They make my life complete … seriously!  I’m completely invested in Unite for Green!  This project in itself has been life changing for me.  I genuinely have no ideas as to how we are going to accomplish this massive initiative but I “just know” it will be done!  Extra-ordinary things are done by extra-ordinary people — most times with no blue print or instruction manual!   Have the courage to do something amazing!  NOT yesterday or in 2 week when …. (this/that/or the other needs to be done) NOW IS THE TIME.

I have been completely humbled.

I’m find myself in gratitude much of the time lately.   Whenever I feel challenged I try to take time to myself to be thankful!  Due to the number of challenges I’ve come face to face with – I’ve found myself in gratitude more than the norm! LOL.  It’s also given me quite a bit of time to think.  I’ve closed MANY doors lately.  “CLOSED” is an under-statement.  Bolted, super glued with a massive couch in front of it – CLOSED.  I stand with curiosity and openness for whats to come…

On  a MUCH lighter note. HONEY is awesome!   The site is looking great. The pool parties have been ridiculous!  We are so grateful for patrons who continue to support us!  We love you!  Honey live is about to go for another run as we PREPARE for our HONEY WALKS FOR LIFE event.   An event that benefits women’s cancer!

Unite for Green is underway!  The team is building and we’re in the midst of the creative brainstorming process.  We’re just beginning! Check out a drawing done by one of the team members Rosalie Yu – UCLA student.

Now that my internet is connected – Stay tuned for more updates!   Excuse the typos! I told you I’m drinking a glass of white!