It’s Happening!


I know …. I know … I know! I keep saying I’m back but then it’s crickets … crickets and more crickets!  Things have been busy – what can I say?  Much of this year has been spent building, creating and learning.  As many of you know – I’ve been actively working on a project called Unite for Green.  Well — this project has grown and exploded into something amazing this last 6 months.  We started with a team of 2 and now it’s grown to be 50+ students on both UCLA and USC’s campus.  Unite for Green isn’t JUST about spreading environmental awareness.  The program focuses on strengthening leadership skills, project management and being courageous in taking risks.

In the last 3 months I’ve had little time for myself, I’ve seen few of my friends and have little time for rest.  Am I crazy?  The sacrifices spared in the name of Unite for Green has been completely worth it.  In a matter of four months I’ve seen our team grow, watched the student staff push themselves tirelessly and sat in amazement as we’ve begun working with some of the most well established environmental groups in Los Angeles. Instead of rambling I think it would be best if I illustrated the result of the last couple of months!  See below …. 😀 …

It was a cold night at one of the largest college games in the United States!  The Rosebowl UCLA vs. USC … and Unite for Green was there to launch our program!

U4G Team!

The Unite for Green Video Shoot

Hustle and Flow event on UCLA’s Campus

AND YES!  This month Unite for Green teams up with NBA All Star!

Lots to come!  Stay tuned!!!

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