What a crazy two weeks I’ve had. Actually, instead I should state … “What A Journey I’ve Experienced.”  One of the bumpiest areas in my life I NOW CLOSE.  There comes a point when “enough is enough” and you have to keep moving through it.  Again … “not everyone is like you.”  People have different hearts, motivation, intention and respect.  This last week I felt like “moving to the beach” and just staying there away from everything.  It’s rare that people disappoint me, but when it happens I really feel it.  I doubt that I will ever forget what’s happened but I hope that I will forgive with time.  I hate the way this situation has made me feel inside.  I realize that change is necessary and that sometimes things don’t always make sense … but you have to accept change and stop resisting the urge to try to control what you just can’t.  Just do the best you can and have Faith in GOD that he will help figure the rest of LIFE out with you … but you HAVE TO SHOW UP for him and yourself!

Life keeps moving regardless of what’s going on.  So I had to tell myself to “RISE TO THE OCCASION.”  3 of my new programs are launching in February and March 2010.  In the next 3 weeks I have 3 events scheduled for the Honey Collective + we are launching two new event series.  A music series and a private event series –Both I’m very really excited about.  Styles Upon Styles is launching in March 2010 and we are moving stead fast through the pre-production for that event.  I have just brought on another assistant to help facilitate the daily “action items” of this crazy operation.  Red Bull just signed on to support a minimum of two events for Styles Upon Styles!  San Francisco/ Los Angeles.  Soon to be in Chicago and New York as well.  So yes … the phone calls went well!

New Dates to  Lock In:

February 24th:  Honey Luxe in Los Angeles
February 28th:  Honey Live in Los Angeles
March 25th:  Launch of onecypher.com &  Styles Upon Styles in San Francisco

I look forward to what’s to come.  More good news is on it’s way!  Whenever there’s a storm there’s ALWAYS a rainbow to follow 🙂

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