Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew throws an annual Canned Food Drive called Yes We Can Can-calling out the hip hop community to come out and enjoy some good music, drinks & get your dance on! … but don’t forget to bring your canned foods!  The event took place at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco and I had way too much fun.  It was much needed.

Legs and the Rock Steady Crew raised tons of canned for the San Francisco Food Bank and a hundreds of people rolled out to party with a purpose. It was a good look and refreshing to see my community of folks.  At exactly this same time last year I rolled to this event I was in such a different space personally. The timing of coming to this event was interesting and coincidence … I think not.  The circumstance last year at this exact time was so different.  Whoooosh. It’s a new year with new circumstances.  Just breathe…through it right?

Back to what I was sharing.  I had a great time. Lots of good people, with beautiful energy, fashion and flava + I met some really awesome new people.  The cocktails were flowing, people were rockin’ circles in one room and gettin’ their freak on in another.  Interesting dynamic.  I disappeared around 1:30 to escape to my car before everyone made a b-line for their vehicles!  What a night.

Franboogie and I! Shot #? Aww Damn! lol

This is good peoples right here!.... Legs!


Miguel!...the King of Catching those SUPER candid moments! lol

Soooo Yeah...this is how the night began!




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