It’s just the little things that make me laugh, smile, or add to my day.  Have you ever gone through a challenging day or weekend and something small changes your mood, perspective or just makes you smile?  I was sharing with my best friend last night and started laughing over something stupid one of us said and I proceeded to say  “It’s just the little things”. You know what I”m referring too. We’ve ALL had those moments.  You’re walking down the street and you open up a bill that makes you think “damn…this must be a mistake.” Meanwhile, due to being so distracted you walk into the street and almost get hit by a car. Flustered you move out the way and fall over your shoe laces and while on the ground you look to the sky and think “WHYYY?”

In that exact moment you hear a sound beckoning from your purse.  No it’s not Jesus … it’s your new blackberry pearl.  In a daze you gaze down at your phone and there’s a text message from a special person in your life that reads “I love you” or an email that announces that you’ve won a million dollars. You know what I mean.

Well … I’m grateful for those little moments the last couple of days. “I just wanted to give a little shout out if you were one of the people who fits into the “It’s Just the Little Things Category” and totally added to my day without evening knowing it.

1:  Neil…you are my favorite crazy Japanese friend!  Whenever I get a call from you … it’s always pure laughter. Thank you for your call!
2: Tater Tots you are purely hilarious. You always make me laugh my ass off.  I’m glad I made the 11pm deadline.
3: Jewels thanks for always listening and for understanding me … sometimes better than I understand myself.
3: I woke up to an email from Red Bull … definitely a great start to day.
4: Amber Mike you are the bomb for sending love this way! Although I haven’t known you long — I can completely sense your loving spirit over the phone and through text and I completely appreciated your text the other day.
5: Justine … your check-in phone calls seriously always make me feel special!
6: Affion:  You always make time for me no matter what. I really appreciated our session the other night.

7: Brother:  I appreciate ALL the check in phone calls.  You are really the best brother in the world! I am your favorite sister..right???
8: V:  I was so glad to see your name pop up on my cell today!  Made me smile. You are connected and ready to go now!
9: Mike: I just met you but the news you had to offer me was good news.  Thank you for calling!
10: Shirley:  Thank you, thank you, thank you – my dreams are coming closer to reality everyday!  Thank you for always getting back to me!
11:  Legs:  You always got my back. We about to do this!  I love building with you.
12:  Jeremy:  Thank you for the text the minute you got off the plane!  It totally made me smile.  I can’t wait to hear all about your trip.
13:  Adam: You’re married! I am beyond belief happy for you!  Seeing you sooo happy totally added to my day.
14: Monica: For us always being able to talk!

These little things changed my day. Giving and receiving love heals the heart.


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