Photo with my girls...Faye boogie, Arianna, Jazymin, Faye Boogie, and Citrus...Wait where's Belle???

Sometime last week, I was invited to World Famous’s Christmas Party brought you by the ladies of World Famous. First of all, I’ve known many of these women for a very long time and they’ve definitely been amazing friends whom I’ve laughed, cried, drank, partied and I look at as part of my family.  We had the best time ever!  The Dj, the drinks, the laughter, the LOVE and did I mention the girls can COOK?!  The food was beyond ridiculous.  Home made mac and cheese, chicken enchiladas, greens, potatoes, garlic edamame, bbq, cooked salmon, the best salsa I’ve ever tasted and biscuits to name just a few.  Jazymin brought her daughter over and she is just like Jaz!  She’s a “dancing machine!”  These ladies have been through so much with me and I am eternally grateful for their friendship!  being around the love of great friends made me smile all night:)



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